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Distinctions et classements


Best IP Advisor – France

Innovation & IP Awards – Leaders League/Les Décideurs

// Gold Award (2018 et 2019)

// Silver Award (2020)

IP Firm of the Year – France

Managing Intellectual Property (MIP)

// Récompensé en 2010, 2014 et 2017

One of the Europe’s Leading Patent Law Firms

Financial Times

// 2019

// 2020

// 2021



Legal 500 EMEA / Legal 500 Paris

// Top tier Firm – France (2021)

Patent and Trademark Attorneys

// Tier 1 – France (2021)

Propriété Intellectuelle /Cabinet de Conseils en Propriété Industrielle

Leaders League/Décideurs Juridiques

« Incontournable » (2021)

// Propriété industrielle – Brevets (général)
Cabinet de conseils en PI – France

// Propriété industrielle – Brevets Physique, Mécanique et Construction
Cabinet de conseils en PI – France

// Propriété industrielle – Brevet électronique Télécoms & Nouvelles Technologies
Cabinet de conseils en PI – France

« Excellent » (2021)

// Propriété industrielle – Marques, dessins & modèles
Cabinet de conseils en PI – France

// Propriété industrielle – Brevets Chimie, Biotech & Sciences de la vie
Cabinet de conseils en PI – France

IAM Patent

// France / IP Firms : Prosecution (2020)
Highly recommended

«  »Cabinet Beau de Loménie is held in high regard for the sterling prosecution work carried out by its 50-plus patent professionals from four offices across France, supported by an additional three in Germany and the UK. The outfit plays well in industries as varied as pharmaceuticals, mechanical engineering and IT, handling everything from original drafting to representation in proceedings before all of Europe’s main IP offices. At the centre of the practice are managing partners Philippe Hubert and Didier Intes: the former has keen chemistry and life sciences acumen, while the latter heads up the mechanics department. Fellow leading light Pierre Balesta primarily works within the aeronautic, civil engineering and physics fields. He is academically qualified in both law and general engineering, and is involved in litigation while also conducting due diligence reviews of patentportfolios. » – 2020

// France / Individuals: Prosecution (2020)
Philippe HUBERT, Didier INTÈS, Pierre BALESTA.



// France / IP Firms : Agencies (2020)
Recommended Agencies

« Cabinet Beau de Loménie is one of France’s major players in the trademark prosecution and strategy space – and has been since its foundation in 1930. Servicing an even split of domestic and international clients, the firm combines European coverage with focused quality to please both in equal measure. Well-connected department chief and seasoned strategist Aurélia Marie is secretary of AIPPI’s French group. “She holds a lot of sway in France – she’s definitely up there at the top of the scene.” www.worldtrademarkreview.com2020

// France / Individuals: Prosecution & Strategy (2020)
Aurélia MARIE


Managing Intellectual Property / IP Stars

// France / Patent prosecution (2020)
Tier 1

// France / Trade mark prosecution (2020)
Tier 1

// France / IP Stars (2020)
Patent stars : Philippe HUBERTDidier INTÈS / Trade mark star : Aurélia MARIE

// France / Top 250 Women in IP (2019)
Aurélia MARIE

Juve Patent

// France / Patent Filing (2021)

Recommended fields of expertise:

  • Pharma and biotechnology
  • Chemistry
  • Digital communication and computer technology
  • Electronics
  • Mechanics, process and mechanical engineering

Recommended individuals:

Didier INTÈS & François DELUMEAU


Contact principal :

 Julien MAZEL (Chargé de communication) :

Contacts complémentaires :

Pierre-Louis DÉSORMIÈRE (Associé référent – brevets) :

Aurélia MARIE (Associé référent – marques/dessins & modèles) :

Pierre BALESTA (Associé référent – brevets & agences) :