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Whatever the ambitions of a new innovative company, industrial property is an essential incentive for its growth. Investing today in the filing of a patent, a design patent, a software application or a trademark helps securing the company’s future successes.

Avoid unnecessary expenses

Because understanding your expectations is essential, our first meeting is free of charge. It will allow us to identify your needs and advise you better on the industrial property actions to be implemented.

INPI, BPI, SME Fund, CEI… Did you know that certain organizations can take in charge up to 80% of our fees? Our experts support you to make sure you benefit from the financing adapted to your needs.

Our experience of the startup environment allows us to advise you as closely as possible to your needs and the expectations of investors.

Industrial property as a negotiating tool

Whether you are looking for investors, partnerships or added value, owning one or more industrial property titles can reinforce your position and attractiveness.

Indeed, a patent can increase the perceived value of a technology during negotiations. It demonstrates that the technology has been the subject of investment in research and development, that it is innovative and can provide competitive advantages. This can positively influence negotiations and lead to more favorable terms.

Moreover, for a potential buyer or a strategic partner, the existence of a patent can provide additional security by reducing the risks associated with the technology. This can help build trust and facilitate negotiations.

Adapt your IP strategy

Strategic, proactive IP management is key to maximizing a start-up’s appeal and value in its field.

A company’s IP strategy needs to be defined and adapted over time around the company’s needs, its innovative ideas, and its IP assets, while taking into account the business sector, the existing competition, the business value of IP assets and the overall business strategy of the company.

A good IP strategy offers a strengthened and sustainable competitive position, as well as a range of significant value-adding and monetization potentials.

Develop and promote your innovative activity

Beau de Loménie can help you both in preparing and filing patent, trademark, design or domain name applications, as well as in preparing and negotiating contracts (licenses, assignments, inventors, etc.).

We also support you to assess whether your technology is free to operate, provide you with information to guide your technical developments in this direction, and help you in terms of monitoring technologies.

We can also help you in defending your rights, for example during litigation.

Startups that already trust us

Customer testimonials

Alexandre Prot – Founder of SMOKIO

Beau de Loménie advised Smokio on its patent application. BDL firm was also involved in the enhancement of the value of its technology when the assets of Smokio were purchased, as well as in the protection of its trademarks, logos and domain names. Smokio has created a connected electronic cigarette that measures nicotine consumption.

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Franck Baudino – Founder of H4D

Beau de Loménie has been working with the start-up H4D for over 10 years in France and abroad. BDL firm has advised H4D in the drafting of patents, and has also supported the company in a strategy for deploying its brand internationally. With more than 10 years of expertise, H4D is the leading player in clinical telemedicine in Europe.

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