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Our values

Beau de Loménie is bound by the ethical code of conduct of the ”Conseil en Propriété Industrielle” (French IP Attorney) profession, which is a regulated practice governed by the internal regulations of the CNCPI *. Beyond these obligations, Beau de Loménie commits in serving its clients to four fundamental values: quality, proximity, ethics, and responsiveness.

Trust built on this foundation of values has allowed the firm to maintain long-term relationships with its clients, some of which have been calling on the firm over more than 40 years for support in the protection, valuation, and defence of their IP assets (patents, trademarks, designs, copyrights, and domain names).

* Compagnie Nationale des Conseils en Propriété Industrielle.


Beau de Loménie has made quality its guiding principle. Beau de Loménie’s professionals are graduates of the best technical and legal curricula and come from diverse environments: INPI, European Patent Office, in-house legal departments, law firms, industry, scientific research, etc. They are real experts that offer a service adapted to the specific needs of each client. Thanks to optimised knowledge sharing within the firm, and regular in-house seminars, Beau de Loménie’s experts continue to be at the cutting edge of technical, legal, and case law developments and adapt their services accordingly. Furthermore, the firm has developed a proven quality-control system for the benefit of all its clients.


Nowadays, as means of communication have become highly developed, the notion of proximity no longer extends to geography only. For Beau de Loménie, it is essential to develop a personalised relationship with each client, taking into account the client’s particularities. As such, proximity, whether geographical or intellectual, is at the heart of our client relationship approach. Adaptability, attention, and availability are the foundations upon which the firm bases its services. Each client benefits from direct contact with a close-knit team (attorney and assistant pair) which manages its matters and, with a full understanding of its business needs, can best evaluate its IP protection needs and provide personalised client counsel.


Ethics, in the culture of Beau de Loménie, is a fundamental principle. It is reflected by the commitment to deliver services that are adapted to the needs and capacities of clients, while accounting for their budgetary constraints. It is also reflected by the highest care to avoid conflicts of interest; each representation of a new client begins with a conflict check in full transparency toward current clients. It is reflected by the clarity in our relationships with our clients, by providing them direct access to the professionals in charge of their cases and a transparent billing of performed services.


Beau de Loménie considers responsiveness a vital professional attribute in fulfilling the objectives of its clients. In IP, time is a key element in the success of a project or a strategy. The firm therefore constantly works to improve its responsiveness, all while ensuring that the quality of its services, rather than being compromised, is complemented and strengthened. Full understanding of our clients’ needs is an essential prerequisite in defining optimal responsiveness. The quality services of the firm rest in particular on the high availability of its professionals, the constant optimisation of its structure, and a process of continuous improvement of its practices and working tools.