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CBDL Patentanwälte: Beau de Loménie's subsidiary in Germany close to the European Patent Office

Beau de Loménie has been established in Germany for almost 20 years with its subsidiary CBDL Patentanwälte. With their office located in Munich, CBDL allows the firm to be close to the EPO, the German Patent and Trademark Office (DPMA) as well as the German Federal Patent Court, the Munich branch of the Unitary Patent Court’s Central Division and particularly frequented ones among the Courts of the German intellectual property and the unitary patent jurisdictions. The Munich office (Widenmayerstr 18) is not far from the main railway station.

CBDL Patentanwälte works on a daily basis regarding all questions concerning IP (patents, trademarks, designs or domain names). Our German IP experts support companies of all sizes from all industrial sectors.

An experienced team of professionals, a complete range of services

Lead by Stefan EXNER, the CBDL team provides daily support to our clients for all IP matters (patents, trademarks, design, copyright and domain names).

With the subsidiary CBDL Patentanwälte, we keep a unique capacity to offer patent support from start to finish together with a strategic and global vision for the management of our clients’ patent portfolios (patentability searching and assessment, drafting patent applications, first filing procedures and extensions procedures, – FR, EP, PCT, worldwide – opposition and appeals procedures before the EPO, direct representation before the German and Austrian national offices, expertise in pre-litigation / litigation / counterfeit lawsuits).

With regard to trademarks and designs, CBDL also offers a wide range of services including advice on strategy (audits, registration strategies and optimisation of portfolio), acquisition of IP rights (checking availability of marks for use and registration, risk-limitation strategy, administrative formalities, management of procedures), direct representation before the EUIPO and before the German and Austrian national offices, use of rights (licence agreements, distribution agreements, assignment of rights and joint ownership agreements, co-existence agreements), management of IP portfolios (procedures for renewal and extension, budgetary monitoring) and enforcement of rights (searching/watch, pre-litigation, ADR, litigation).

A local service with the resources of a large organisation

CBDL Patentanwälte works closely with Beau de Loménie. CBDL’s experts have the support of the professionals from Beau de Loménie’s French offices (Paris, Lille, Lyon, Marseille) and Beau de Loménie Birmingham’s office as well as the international network of correspondents to complete successfully the tasks assigned by its clients. Indeed, Beau de Loménie functions as a fully integrated structure. Its clients have access to all the firm’s resources and skills, across our full office network. The firm sets up multidisciplinary and multinational teams whenever a case requires it.


CBDL Patentanwälte
Widenmayerstr. 18
80538 Munich - Germany

T +49 89 2554 2940
F +49 89 2554 2959

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