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21-06-2018 » Can the image of a building belonging to the French state be freely used? I Beau de Loménie

CAN THE IMAGE OF A BUILDING BELONGING TO THE FRENCH STATE BE FREELY USED?  This question has just been decided by the Conseil d’Etat in a decision of April 13, 2018, related to photographs of Chambord Castle used by Kronenbourg breweries in the context of an advertising campaign for one of their beers in the…

20-04-2018 » Brexit: a significant, but partial, step forward for european intellectual property rights I Beau de Loménie

BREXIT : A SIGNIFICANT, BUT PARTIAL, STEP FORWARD FOR EUROPEAN INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY RIGHTS Discussion between European authorities and the UK on the future of intellectual property rights once Brexit becomes effective have moved forward, and the alarmist communication of the European Commission on December 1st, 2017, countersigned…

29-03-2018 » The fight against biopiracy: the Nagoya protocol and its implementation in French law I Beau de Loménie

THE FIGHT AGAINST BIOPIRACY : THE NAGOYA PROTOCOL AND ITS IMPLEMENTATION IN FRENCH LAW Identifying certain genetic resources of a country and indigenous traditional knowledge that may be linked to their use. Developing them, protecting them through patents and extracting commercial gain without any benefit for the indigenous…

07-02-2018 » 欧州の意匠:欧州司法裁判所は「修理条項」の解釈を与えています。

意匠による予備部品の保護の問題は、常に議論の争点となっています。 …

05-02-2018 » European designs: The CJEU gives its interpretation of the “repair clause” I Beau de Loménie

EUROPEAN DESIGNS: THE CJEU GIVES ITS INTERPRETATION OF THE “REPAIR CLAUSE”.   The question of the protection of spare parts by designs rules has always been a controversial issue between countries of the European Union. In EC Directive n°98/71 of 13 October 1998 on the legal protection of designs, due to the…
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