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Cabinet Beau de Loménie as it exists today is the product of a history that began in 1930. As the heir to an international culture of quality and innovation, the firm has often played a pioneering role in its field. Having oriented its development towards organic growth, it has always remained at the cutting edge of technological developments, to offer the best service to its clients.

1930-1960: creation and international take-off

Cabinet Beau de Loménie was founded in 1930 by Gilbert Beau de Loménie and André Armengaud.

From the very outset, the firm was marked by its innovative and pioneering character, using the most advanced technologies of its era. Distinguishing itself from its competitors, Cabinet Beau de Loménie was the first firm of patent and trademark attorneys to set up a comprehensive indexing of patent documentation, and the first to develop its own technical classification system. At a time when no database existed in the field, this data collection and filing system allowed the firm to offer its clients exclusive and very high quality searching services.

Driven by Andre Armengaud, a senator representing French subjects overseas, Cabinet Beau de Loménie also concentrated right from its founding in the 1930s on its international expansion. It developed particularly strong relationships in Europe naturally, but alos beyond particularly in the United States.

Les fondateurs, 1930 1930-1960 : the research department

1960-1980: a time of revolution

Under the impetus of a second generation of partners, Cabinet Beau de Loménie continued its policy of innovation. In the 1960s, to facilitate the management of annuity payments, the firm became one of the first patent and trademark attorney practices to acquire a computer. An exclusive computing system dedicated to the administration of intellectual property rights was alos developed within the firm.

1960 – 1980 : à l’heure des révolutions 1960 – 1980 : à l’heure des révolutions 1960 – 1980 : à l’heure des révolutions

Right from the early 1960s, Cabinet Beau de Loménie actively developed a structured international network of overseas correspondents, and established close working relationships throughout Asia, particularly in Japan. In 1968, the firm opened its first branch office in Marseille, before launching its office in Lyon in 1972.

1960 – 1980 : à l’heure des révolutions 1960 – 1980 : à l’heure des révolutions 1960 – 1980 : à l’heure des révolutions

1980-2010: expansion in France and Europe


In the 1980s, Cabinet Beau de Loménie continued its policy of increasing its proximity to clients throughout France. One new regional office was opened in Lille.

In order to follow changes brought about by growing internationalisation, the next generation of partners was determined to reinforce the firm’s European dimension. In the 1990s a German office was established in Munich, home of the European Patent Office. In the first years of the new century, the firm strengthened its European character with offices in Germany (Duisburg) and the United Kingdom (Birmingham).

Today, Cabinet Beau de Lom1980-2010 : the Munich officeénie continues this tradition of innovation and internationalisation. The firm pays close attention to all the latest technological developments, thus ensuring that its clients benefit from the most modern and effective management tools. It is therefore developing online services for consulting portfolios of industrial property rights, information retrieval and technology monitoring. The firm has also pursued its commitment to a global outlook by hiring employees of Japanese culture and language at the beginning of the 1990s to better serve its Japanese clients. In 2009, the firm did the same for its Chinese clients and professionals, also recruiting professionals from various backgrounds in order to reinforce the international nature of its team.

1980-2010 : the partners

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Beau de Loménie Marseille: a new era is beginning


2018/2019 has marked an important stage for the first branch office that Cabinet Beau de Loménie opened, in 1968, outside the Paris region: a new head, Olivier BOURA, has taken up post, new experts have joined the Patent, Trademarks and Designs practices and the office has been relocated from the Prado district to the Place Castellane (...).

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