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In order to provide the firm's clients with comprehensive services, several cross-disciplinary teams cover a number of specific fields.

Anti-counterfeiting measures

Global, often clever and stealthy, counterfeiting is a serious problem for numerous companies. Cabinet Beau de Lomenie's team of specialists assists you in combating the manufacture, importation and distribution of counterfeit products..

Cabinet Beau de Loménie works closely with the client, helping in the detecting and seizing of counterfeit products, and providing support in any resulting disputes.

  • Verification of rights
  • Seizures of counterfeit products (preparation of requests, assistance to enforcement officials in seizure procedures, etc.)
  • Multiple synchronised seizures
  • Collaboration with French and foreign customs officials in the monitoring of imports of counterfeit products
  • Assistance in tracing the distribution networks and origins of products
  • Prevention: technological monitoring of competitors, introduction of monitoring systems and tracing of distribution networks

Contact : counterfeit@bdl-ip.com

Contracts and litigation

The contracts and litigation department consists of trained lawyers and experts in law who support the interventions of specialist consultants in the areas of patents, trademarks and designs.

The contracts and litigation team has long practical experience of contracts relating to the exploitation of intellectual property rights, which can prove to be complex particularly for patents. On behalf of companies and major international groups they draft and establish contracts that cover the communication of know-how and transfers of patents, licences, research agreements and confidentiality undertakings, development co-operation agreements, etc.

They work in partnership with the teams of patent attorneys in the preparation and handling of disputes.

The contracts and litigation department also constantly monitors the legal situation in France and abroad.

Contact : contracts@bdl-ip.com


The firm's teams specialising in audits and valuation of intellectual property rights contain engineers and lawyers specifically trained to handle these complex matters.

Their combination of skills allows them to conduct audits and valuations of intellectual property rights in the context of acquisitions or disposals of companies, increases in capital/rights issues, pledges of collateral or the arrival of new shareholders.

Contact : audits@bdl-ip.com


Cabinet Beau de Loménie is a certified training provider. At the request of its clients the firm designs and implements awareness-raising and training programmes with regard to intellectual property at all levels of clients' companies.

Drawing upon its wide experience of training, the firm has developed flexible, powerful teaching tools that can be adapted to the particular needs of each company.

The training offered by the firm can range from the straightforward raising of employee awareness with respect to intellectual property to organising high-level technical conferences covering specific technological and legal issues.

The firm can also train legal departments in the organisation of the company’s intellectual property hub and how to handle invention declaration procedures and remuneration of employee-inventors.

Contact : training@bdl-ip.com

Monitoring and research

The firm has an integrated research department to carry out prior art searches, freedom-to-operate searches and technological monitoring.

Exclusive databases are systematically updated so that the four engineers in our monitoring and research department can follow in great detail the latest technological developments in great detail.

The firm's clients can have regular access to reports on the technological activity of their competitors (patents filed, scientific publications) in the form of databases that can be supplemented by staff in their own R&D and intellectual property departments. The firm can also provide detailed mapping of the geographical and technological range of protection established by your competitors, permitting clients to observe the regions and techniques they are developing.

Lastly, the monitoring and research team has access to numerous databases for researching trademarks and domain names. The firm also has the capacity to carry out availability searches and to monitor developments in competitors' activities in relation to designs. 

Contact : monitoring@bdl-ip.com


Cabinet Beau de Lomenie's translation department is organised in a practical and efficient way around a core team of four staff translators who only handle a percentage of all the firm's translation work. To cater for the entire workload in all fields, the firm has also trained up external translators in intellectual property terminology.

The firm's translation department is available to its French and foreign clients. The translators benefit from the support offered by the firm's UK and German patent and trademark attorneys for translations into their respective languages.

Regular exacting quality controls are performed on the translators' work, which includes grading and proofreading their work.

Contact : translation@bdl-ip.com


Two professional designers are available to work up graphical representations of Cabinet Beau de Lomenie's clients' inventions and creations so they can be incorporated into patent specifications or filed as designs.

Contact : design@bdl-ip.com

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Beau de Loménie Marseille: a new era is beginning


2018/2019 has marked an important stage for the first branch office that Cabinet Beau de Loménie opened, in 1968, outside the Paris region: a new head, Olivier BOURA, has taken up post, new experts have joined the Patent, Trademarks and Designs practices and the office has been relocated from the Prado district to the Place Castellane (...).

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