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Events > Mai 2019

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Mai 2019

Freitag 31 Mai 2019
June 3-6 2019 > Beau de Loménie will attend the Bio International Convention 2019, Philadelphie PA

Beau de Loménie will attend the 2019 Bio International Convention in Philadelphia, PA June 3 - 6. Meet our Patent Attorneys Marc NEVANT and Nicolas MARRO for a fruitful debate on European practice in biotechnology and pharmaceuticals.

Freitag 31 Mai 2019
May 17-22, 2019 > Beau de Loménie attending the 2019 INTA annual meeting (Boston - USA)

Aurélia MARIE and Pierre BALESTA, as well as Emmanuelle MACHINET, Grégory INGRAND and Yasser MOURTADA, will represent Cabinet Beau de Loménie at the 141th annual meeting of the INTA, taking place in Boston from 17 to 22 May, 2019.The INTA annual meeting is an important gathering…
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Due to the latest measures announced by the French Government on March 16, 2020, Cabinet Beau de Loménie has deployed its full Business Continuity Plan by implementing remote working for its teams and offices in France (...)

More details about the business continuity plan implemented by Beau de Loménie.

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